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Triggers allows you to execute commands based on events.


alias on_enter "/say Hello everyone!"
alias f_demoend "/screenshot"  // take screenshot at end of demo

Apply settings based on map name with a default fallback:

alias f_newmap              "apply_map_settings"
alias apply_map_settings    "if_exists alias map_settings_$mapname map_settings_$mapname map_settings_default"
alias map_settings_default  "hud_ammo4_show 1; hud_gun8_show 1" // show lg/cells in HUD
alias map_settings_dm2      "hud_ammo4_show 0; hud_gun8_show 0" // hide lg/cells in HUD


"Restricted" means it cannot be used in combination with teamplay macros.

f_spawnnoTriggered when spawning
f_respawnyesTriggered when respawning
f_deathyesTriggered at death
f_flagdeathyesTriggered at death while holding the flag
f_weaponchangenoTriggered when changing weapon
f_tookyesTriggered when picking up an item
f_newmapnoTriggered when a map is loaded
f_mapendnoTriggered when map is completed
f_demostartnoTriggered when demo starts (countdown)
f_demomatchstartnoTriggered when match in demo starts (after countdown)
f_demoendnoTriggered at end of demo
f_exitnoTriggered when exiting the game
f_sbrefreshdonenoTriggered after servers are updated in server browser
f_sbupdatesourcesdonenoTriggered after sources are updated in server browser
f_focusgainednoTriggered when application gains focus
f_freeflyspectatenoTriggered when spectating in free fly mode
f_trackspectatenoTriggered when spectating a player


NameDescriptionEvent value
on_enterTriggered when entering a server as player(enabled by default)
on_spec_enterTriggered when entering a server as spectator(enabled by default)
on_enter_ctfTriggered when entering a ctf server as player(enabled by default)
on_enter_ffaTriggered when entering a ffa server as player(enabled by default)
on_connectTriggered when connected to a server1
on_matchstartTriggered when match starts (countdown)4
on_matchendTriggered when match ends8
on_matchbreakTriggered when match is paused16
on_adminTriggered when ganing admin status128
on_unadminTriggered when losing admin status256


  • on_enter, on_spec_enter, on_enter_ctf, on_enter_ffa are enabled by default.
  • The other on_ triggers requires you to call cmd info ev x where x is the sum of event values to enable.
  • Calling cmd info ev can be done automatically by defining an infoset alias in your config, e.g:
    • alias infoset "cmd info ev 413" // Enable all
    • alias infoset "cmd info ev 8" // Enable on_matchend

If you want to customize even further:

  • on_connect also enables on_connect_ctf on_connect_ffa on_observe on_observe_ctf on_observe_ffa
  • on_matchstart also enables on_spec_matchstart
  • on_matchend also enables on_spec_matchend
  • on_matchbreak also enables on_spec_matchbreak