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Getting started


1. Install Quake

Quake is required in order to run ezQuake.

2. Install ezQuake

Download an ezQuake binary and extract to into your Quake root directory, for example c:/quake.

(see all releases)

3. All set!

You can now start playing ezQuake.

Tip: Important commands

The most important and commonly used commands which are used while playing are explained below. All have to be entered into the console which can be brought up by the tilde (~) key:

  • quit - Quit ezQuake.
  • connect [ip:port] - Connect to the server specified. Tip: you can paste addresses into the QW console by pressing ctrl+v. Example: connect
  • disconnect - Disconnect from current server.
  • reconnect - Reconnect to last server.
  • join - Reconnect to current server as player.
  • observe - Reconnect to current server as spectator.
  • team [x] - Set team.
  • ready - Set yourself as ready.
  • break - Unready yourself.
  • map [mapname] - Change map.
  • sensitivity [x] - Set mouse sensitivity
  • fov [x] - Set field of view (10 to 170)

Alternative installation: nQuake

nQuake is a package that includes ezQuake, config files, modern HUD, fullbright skins and 24-bit textures to quickly get configured for competitive online games.

Next steps