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a modern QuakeWorld client


Modern Graphics

Particle explosions, shaft beam, gunshots, nails, rocket and grenade trails, blood, and others, MD3 models, fog, water effects, killing spree messages, rain...

Competitive gaming features

Fullbright skins, forcing team/enemy colors, advanced weapon handling, teamplay messages, auto game recording, automated screenshots and console logging, ...

Customizable Graphics

Customize your HUD, colors of walls and liquids, turn superfluous graphics effects off, change world textures, crosshair, sky picture, console background, game font, ...

Independent Physics

Get the smoothest experience possible without being limited by server or network settings

Integrated Server Browser

Easy searching and filtering of online servers

Enhanced demo/QTV playback

View recorded games from multiple points of view, watch action on radar, all player stats in a handy table, autotrack the strongest player