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id Software created Quake in 1996, and released the source code to the engine (under the GPL licence) in 1999.

Tonik developed the ZQuake QuakeWorld client from this, before fuh took ZQuake and turned it into FuhQuake.

The ezQuake project started in August 2004 as a derivative of FuhQuake, and today is the dominant QuakeWorld client for those playing online competitively.


  • Founders: Robert Gust-Bardon, David Balcom (hexum)
  • Admin: QuakeWorld Group
  • Parent projects: A Nourai (fuh), Anton Gavrilov (Tonik), Quake
  • Major ports: ezQuake incorporates numerous features from the following engines
    • AMFQuake (by Vultwah)
    • FTEQW by Spike
    • fodquake by bigfoot
    • MQWCL (by Azazello)
  • Developers: See contributors
  • Former admins: dimman, meag, JohnNy_cz, Hetman
  • Former developers: AAS, biomass, bliP, BorisU, Cokeman, cuky, disconnect, dkure, Electro, [EZH] FAN, Fausto, hdworak, hexum, hifi, JohnNy_cz, jogi, Jozsef, Moodles, Oldman, Oppy, povohat, Tanelii, Tei, Tonik, Tuna, Tyrannos, Up2nOgOoD, VVD
  • Big thanks to: Spike, bigfoot, David Wiberg, Todd C. Miller, zxc, HyperNewbie, r00k, avirox, raz0, Dirk, quakeforge, mh, sputnikutah, localghost


ezQuake is constantly evolving and there are multiple ways to contribute.

Develop ezQuake

The ezQuake repository is stored on GitHub - feel free to experiment and submit pull requests.

Update documentation

If you find errors in the documentation, feel free to let us know. Even better, modify the help files (using the "Edit this page" link found on each page footer) and submit pull requests.

Report bugs

Help us improve the client by reporting bugs. If you can, please include any steps you used to reproduce the bug, any screenshots showing examples of the problem, etc. The easier it is for us to replicate, the quicker we can get it fixed.

Submit feature requests

We consider all reasonable feature requests and try to support the QuakeWorld community in whatever it needs.

The best place to start is to discuss new ideas in #dev-corner on the QuakeWord discord. If it captures the imagination of the community then it is more likely to be included in a future release.