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Miscellaneous Settings ‚Äč

(added by system)

cl_bobhead default: 0
cl_debug_weapon_view boolean default: 0
Views the client-side weapon debugging messages, if stored in .mvd.
cl_mvinset_offset_x default: 0
cl_mvinset_offset_y default: 0
cl_mvinset_right default: 1
cl_mvinset_size_x default: 0.333
cl_mvinset_size_y default: 0.333
cl_mvinset_top default: 1
cl_pext_serversideweapon default: 0
cl_voip_capturingvol default: 0.5
cl_voip_demorecord default: 1
cl_weaponforgetondeath default: 0
cl_www_address default:
extralogname default: unset
file_browser_sort_archives default: 0
halflifebsp default: 0
maxfps default: 77
mvd_autoadd_items default: 0
mvd_sortitems default: 1
qtv_sayenabled default: 0
qws_builddate default: Jan 24 2021, 15:34:11
qws_buildnum default: unknown
qws_fullname default: MVDSV: MultiView Demo SerVer
qws_homepage default:
qws_name default: EZQUAKE
qws_platform default: w
qws_version default: 0.34-beta
r_drawflat_mode enum default: 0
Sets the method used to adjust wall & floor textures (/r_drawflat) by the corresponding color (/r_wallcolor & /r_floorcolor)
  • 0: Walls/floors will be solid color, as per /r_drawflat setting.
  • 1: Walls/floors will be textured and blended with custom colors.
  • 2: Walls/floors will be monochrome textures using custom colors.
Works in GLSL modes only (see /gl_program_world). Mode 0 will give best performance, mode 2 is the recommended setting for different colors. Can not be changed during a match.
r_drawhud default: 1
r_drawworld default: 1
r_lightmap_lateupload default: 0
r_lightmap_packbytexture default: 2
r_tracker default: 1
r_tracker_pickups default: 0
registered default: 1
scr_centerspeed default: 8
scr_damage_floating default: 0
scr_damage_hitbeep default: 0
scr_damage_offset_ingame default: 14
scr_damage_offset_spectator default: 28
scr_damage_scale default: 1
scr_scoreboard_login_color default: 255 255 192
scr_scoreboard_login_flagfile default: flags
scr_scoreboard_login_indicator default: &cffc*&r
scr_scoreboard_login_names default: 1

Config Management

cfg_backup boolean default: 0
  • false: No backup of your config.
  • true: Backs up your old config before overwriting it with cfg_save.
cfg_legacy_exec enum default: 1
  • 0: Do not execute config.cfg and frontend.cfg in gamedir ever.
  • 1: Execute config.cfg and frontend.cfg in gamedir (unless gamedir = qw)
  • 2: Execute config.cfg and frontend.cfg even if gamedir = qw.
  • 3: Execute config.cfg and frontend.cfg even if gamedir = qw. If not found in current gamedir, execute from qw dir.
cfg_save_aliases boolean default: 1
  • false: Won't save aliases.
  • true: cfg_save saves aliases.
cfg_save_binds boolean default: 1
  • false: Won't save binds.
  • true: Toggles whether cfg_save saves binds.
cfg_save_cmdline boolean default: 1
  • false: Won't save command line.
  • true: Writes your command line in configs made with cfg_save (commented out of course)
cfg_save_cmds boolean default: 1
  • false: Won't save commands.
  • true: Saves commands.
cfg_save_cvars boolean default: 1
  • false: Won't save variables.
  • true: Saves variables.
cfg_save_onquit boolean default: 0
When enabled, your main configuration (config.cfg) will be saved when you exit the application.
  • false: Do not save configuration on exit
  • true: Automatically save the configuration on exit
Configuration will be saved in the main user configuration file, that is config.cfg which can either be placed in the quake/ezquake/configs in your quakedir, or in your home dir in /ezquake, depending on cfg_use_home setting.
cfg_save_sysinfo boolean default: 0
Not implemented yet.
cfg_save_unchanged boolean default: 0
  • false: Makes cfg_save only write variables that are not default valued to the config file.
  • true: Makes cfg_save write all variables to the config file.
cfg_save_userinfo enum default: 2
  • 0: Do not save userinfo variables.
  • 1: Save all userinfo variables except spectator, topcolor, bottomcolor, teamcolor, skin, team, rate, msg, w and b_switch.
  • 2: Save all userinfo variables
Note: 'cfg_save_userinfo 1' is best for teamfortress so you don't get kicked for changing bottom color. cfg_save will never save the password variable, even though technically it is a userinfo variable.
cfg_use_gamedir boolean default: 0
If set & gamedir is not 'qw', configurations will be saved to subdirectory based on gamedir. Useful if configurations differ depending on gametype (e.g. team fortress)
cfg_use_home boolean default: 0
When turned on, configuration will be saved into user's profile (home) directory.
  • false: Save the configuration into <quake>/ezquake/configs
  • true: Save the configuration into user's home dir
This affects only cfg_save and cfg_load commands.

IRC Client

irc_server_address string
IP address of the IRC server to connect to on irc connect command.
irc_server_password string
Password for IRC server connection.
irc_server_port integer
Port number for IRC server connection.
irc_user_nick string
Your nickname used to log-in to the IRC server.
irc_user_realname string
Real name field used to log-in to the IRC server.
irc_user_username string
Username used to log-in to the IRC server.
file_browser_archive_color string default: 255 170 0 255
Color of archive files in the file browser.
file_browser_dir_color string default: 170 80 0 255
Color of directories in the file browser.
file_browser_file_color string default: 255 255 255 255
Color of files in the file browser.
file_browser_interline string default: 0
Spacing between each row in the file browser. 0-6.
file_browser_scrollnames boolean default: 1
If set, the currently selected file will scroll to let you see the full name.
file_browser_selected_color string default: 0 150 235 255
Color of the current selection in the file browser.
file_browser_show_date boolean default: 1
Toggles whether the file modified date is shown in the file browser.
file_browser_show_size boolean default: 1
Toggles whether the filesize is shown in the file browser.
file_browser_show_status boolean default: 1
Toggles whether a statusbar is shown in the file browser.
file_browser_show_time boolean default: 0
Toggles whether the file modified time is shown in the file browser.
file_browser_sort_mode enum default: 1
Determines sort order of files in the file browser.
  • 1: sort by name
  • 2: sort by size
  • 3: sort by date/time
  • 4: sort by type
  • 14: sort by name, then by type
file_browser_strip_names boolean default: 1
If set, strips extra spaces from filenames in the file browser.
scr_centerMenu boolean default: 1
  • false: Off.
  • true: Centers the menu vertically (has no effect if you're playing in 320x200 mode, same applies to scr_centersbar).
scr_cursor_alpha float default: 1
Level of transparency of the cursor used in menus and HUD editor.
scr_cursor_iconoffset_x integer default: 10
Offset of the cursor image used in menus and HUD editor.
scr_cursor_iconoffset_y integer default: 0
Offset of the cursor image used in menus and HUD editor.
scr_cursor_scale float default: 0.2
Size of the cursor image used in menus and HUD editor.
scr_cursor_sensitivity float default: 1
Mouse sensitivity for the cursor used in menus and HUD editor.
scr_scaleMenu float default: 2
Scales the frontend menu.
  • 0: Disable scaling.

Not settable

re_trigger_match_0 string
Whole matched pattern of the regular expression match.
re_trigger_match_1 string
First matched subpattern of the regexp match.


cl_cmdline string
Read-only variable showing you what were the commandline options used to launch the client.
cl_warncmd boolean default: 1
  • false: Disable the unknown command messages.
  • true: Enable the uknown command messages.
Note: Not saved to config with cfg_save command.
developer boolean default: 0
Enables debug mode which prints more messages into the console than for normal user.
  • false:
  • true:
localid string
mapname string
Contains the name of the current map.
qport integer default: 0
Local port the client uses to connect to servers.
rcon_address string
Address of the server to query with remote console commands.
rcon_password string
Password used for remote console communication.

System Settings

cl_mediaroot enum default: 0
Changes where demos, screenshots and logs are saved, how variables demo_dir, sshot_dir and log_dir are treated.
  • 0: Treat paths as relative to the Quake dir
  • 1: Treat paths as relative to user home dir
  • 2: Treat paths as system absolute paths
cl_textencoding enum default: 0
Determines method used to encoding non-standard characters in outgoing messages.
  • 0: Use KOI8-R encoding (ezQuake 2.2 compatible)
  • 1: Use UTF8 encoding (larger range of characters)
  • 2: Use FTE's ^Uxxxx encoding
fs_cache boolean default: 1
Enables Quake File System caching of files lists.
  • false:
  • true:
sys_disableWinKeys integer default: 0
  • 0: Winkeys are processed by operating system.
  • 1: Disable winkeys from alt-tabbing you (only works in NT/2K/XP, and only when the client is in focus).
  • 2: Disable winkeys from alt-tabbing you, when fullscreen.
Note: Windows keys are now bindable (LWINKEY, RWINKEY, WINKEY, POPUPMENU). Obviously only useful on NT/2K/XP with sys_disableWinKeys 1 (and possibly useful in Linux too!).
sys_disable_alt_enter boolean default: 0
  • false: alt-enter will toggle full-screen mode.
  • true: alt-enter ignored by ezquake.
sys_highpriority enum default: 0
  • 0: Sets process to normal priority.
  • 1: Sets process to high priority.
  • -1: Sets process to low priority.
sys_inactivesleep boolean default: 1
  • false: Prevent freeing of CPU when the client is minimized or not in focus.
  • true: Enable inactive sleeping.
sys_inactivesound boolean default: 0
Enables sounds when the application is not focused.
  • false:
  • true:
sys_yieldcpu boolean default: 0
Controls CPU sharing when client is waiting to draw a frame. When disabled, client will run a loop, actively waiting for the time to draw a new frame. When enabled, client will call system sleep function during the waiting, which will cause the thread to be deactivated for a while - leading to significantly lower CPU usage in most cases.
  • false: Do not sleep between frames, use CPU as much as possible.
  • true: Sleep between frames, make CPU available for other processes.