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Message filtering

Message filtering allows you to configure which messages that will be displayed.

Server-side filtering

Some informational messages can be filtered server-side

  • /msg 0 - Receive all messages from server, including ammunition/backpack pickup notifications ("you got the rockets")
  • /msg 1 - Filter out pickup messages
  • /msg 2 - Filter out death messages. Note this will disable the tracker.
  • /msg 3 - Filter out all informational messages
  • /msg 4 - Receive no messages, including chat

Client-side filtering

/msg_filter allows you to filter out messages based on very broad rules.

  • /msg_filter 0 - Display all messages sent by the server
  • /msg_filter 1 - Filters standard chat (mm1) and spectator messages
  • /msg_filter 2 - Filters mm2 messages
  • /msg_filter 3 - Filters mm1, mm2 and spec messages

It is also possible to keep messages in the console, but remove them from the notification area:

  • /con_fragmessages 0 - Don't print frag messages (the tracker will still function)
  • /con_fragmessages 2 - Hide frag messages from notification area, but keep them in console log_
  • /con_mm2_only 1 - When game is in progress, limit the notification area to teamplay-messages only

Ignoring types of user

  • /ignore_qtv_chat 1 - Ignores chat messages originating from QTV
  • /ignore_qizmo_spec 1 - Ignores chat messages originating from Qizmo
  • /ignore_spec 1 - Ignores chat from all spectators, as long as you're a player
  • /ignore_spec 2 - Ignores chat from all spectators, even if you are also a specator
  • /ignore_team xyz - Ignores all players on team xyz
  • /ignore_opponents 1 - Ignore chat messages from opponents, at all times
  • /ignore_opponents 2 - Ignore chat messages from opponents, during the game only

Ignoring specific users

  • /ignore xyz - Ignores chat from player xyz
  • /ignore_id id - Ignores chat from player with userid id - visible through /users command
  • /ignore_voip player - Ignores chat from player