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Commands ‚Äč

+attack When active the player will fire the weapon he is currently holding. This is the primary command used to make the player fire the gun. For as long as the key that is bound to this command is held down and this command is active the player will keep on firing the gun.
+attack2 Secondary attack button.
+back When active the player will move backwards.
+forward When active the player will move forward.
+jump When active the player will do a single jump. The next jump won't be performed until "-jump" has been issued.
+klook When active, "+forward" and "+back" become "+lookup" and "+lookdown" respectively. This command is useful if the player needs to look at objects which are above or below him.
+left When active the player will turn left.
+lookdown When active the player will look down.
+lookup When active the player will look up.
+mlook When active moving the mouse or joystick forwards and backwards performs "+lookup" and "+lookdown" respectively. This command is very useful if the player needs to look at objects which are above or below him. Most players execute this command and never remove it. This way they can use the keyboard to move the player forward and back and strafe left and right, while using the mouse to turn the player left and right and to make him look up and down. In order to have this command set permanently you will have to create a file called autoexec.cfg in the qw/ directory and put in the line "+mlook" into that file. By doing this the game will automatically execute the autoexec.cfg file and it will also active that command. Almost every player uses this command nowadays, because the combination of using mouse and keyboard is widely considered the best.
+movedown When active the player will swim down when in the water.
+moveleft When active the player will strafe left.
+moveright When active the player will strafe right.
+moveup When active the player will swim up when in the water.
+right When active the player will turn right.
+showscores Display scoreboard.
+showteamscores Display team scoreboard.
+speed When active the player will run.
+strafe When active, "+left" and "+right" function like "+moveleft" and "+moveright", strafing in that direction.
+use When used it will activate objects in the game that have been designed to react at "+use"
-attack When used the player will stop firing the gun if "+attack" is active.
-attack2 Secondary attack button.
-back When used the player will stop moving back if "+back" is active.
-forward When used the player will stop moving forward if "+forward" is active.
-jump When used the player will stop jumping if "+jump" is active.
-klook When used the forward and back keys will stop making the player look up and down if "+klook" is active.
-left When used the player will stop turning left if "+left" is active.
-lookdown When used the player will stop looking down if "+lookdown" is active.
-lookup When used the player will stop looking up if "+lookup" is active.
-mlook When used the mouse forward and back movement will stop making the player look up and down if "+mlook" is active.
-movedown When used the player will stop moving down if "+movedown" is active.
-moveleft When used the player will stop moving left if "+moveleft" is active.
-moveright When used the player will stop moving right if "+moveright" is active.
-moveup When used the player will stop moving up if "+moveup" is active.
-right When used the player will stop turning right if "+right" is active.
-showscores When used the score screen will disappear if +showscores is active.
-showteamscores When used the score screen will disappear if +showteamscores is active.
-speed When used the player will walk.
-strafe When used the turn left and turn right keys will once again perform their original functions.
-use When used it will stop activating objects in the game that have been designed to react at "+use".
addip <ip>Add a single IP or a domain of IPs to the IP list of the server. Very useful for banning people or for specifying which IPs only have access to the server. Examples: addip addip 123.123.123
addloc "locname"Adds a new loc with the specified name at current location.
addserver Server Browser: This allows you to add a server to the UNBOUND source. This can be used to quickly bookmark servers.
alias Used to create a reference to a command or list of commands. When used without parameters, displays all current aliases.
alias_in <alias> <variable> [<options>]Inserts contents of variable into alias.
aliasedit <alias>Allows you to edit your alias in console manually.
aliaslist [regexp]Prints all aliases.
allskins Downloads all skins that is currently in use. Useful for refreshing skins without exiting the level.
autotrack Toggles auto-tracking. Auto-tracking switches views for you when you are a spectator or when you are watching a demo or a broadcasted QTV match. It chooses the best available autotrack - if you are spectator, looks for server-side command autotrack, if you are watching a demo or QTV stream, turns on both demo_autotrack and mvd_autotrack, mvd_autotrack will get turned off as soon as demo_autotrack data are found. As a last resort if all previous autotrack are not available, cl_hightrack will be used.
bar_armor HUD element that displays a bar representing your amount of armor.
bar_health HUD element that displays a bar representing your amount of health.
bf This command shows a background screen flash that is the same one that is produced when the player picked up an item in the game. This command basically serves no useful function except when people want to use it in scripts to give the user some visual feedback when an aliases is used for example.
bind This command binds one or several commands to a key. To bind multiple commands to a key, enclose the commands in double-quotes (") and separate them with semicolons (;).
bindlist Prints all binds.
bindedit <key>Allows you to edit your bind in the console.
calc_fov Converts (ezq2) wide aspect FOV to new FOV.
calendar Same as "date" but also shows a small calendar of the month. Nice :)
cam_angles <pitch> <yaw> or cam_angles "pitch yaw"Set new camera angles.
cam_pos <x> <y> <z> or cam_pos "x y zSet new camera position.
cd cd play 5 plays cd track #5
centerview Centers the player's view ahead after +lookup or +lookdown.
cfg_load <filename>This will do a cfg_reset and then execute filename.cfg (ezquake/configs).
cfg_reset This command will unbind all keys, delete all aliases, msg_triggers, reset all plus commands, teamplay settings and reset all variables. User made variables (created with set/seta) are deleted. After resetting all the above, it executes default.cfg and then autoexec.cfg.
cfg_save <filename>This command will dump all aliases, bindings, plus commands, msg_triggers, teamplay settings and variables to filename.cfg . User made variables (created with set/seta) are saved as well.
cl_messages Prints amount and size of messages sent from server to ezQuake client.
clear This command clears the console screen of any text.
clearlocs Clear all currently loaded locs.
cmd Sends a command directly to the server.
cmdlist Prints a list of all available commands into the console.
cmdlist_re This command same as cmdlist, but supports (perl) regexp matching.
color This command sets the color for the player's shirt and pants.
connect <address>Connects your client to a QuakeWorld server.
connectbr Connects to given server via fastest available path (ping-wise).
cvar_reset <cvar>Resets the cvar to default. Example: cvar_reset topcolor - sets topcolor to default.
cvar_reset_re [regex]Resets cvar(s) matching the regex to default. Example: cvar_reset ^gl_.* - resets all gl_ settings to default values.
cvarlist Print cvars.
cvarlist_re This command same as cvarlist, but supports (perl) regexp matching.
date Shows current time, date, month and year.
demo_capture <start> <time> [avifile] | <stop>Captures a series of screenshots or an .avi file.
demo_jump [+|-][m:]<s>Jumps playback to a point in time. Examples: demo_jump 120 - Jump playback to 120 seconds from the start of the demo. demo_jump 4:30 - Jump playback to 4 minutes and 30 seconds from the start of the demo.
demo_jump_status <condition>Fast-forward in the demo playback until certain condition holds.
demo_playlist_clear Clears the demo playlist.
demo_playlist_next Goes to the next demo in the playlist.
demo_playlist_prev Goes to the previous demo in the playlist.
demo_playlist_stop Stops the demo playlist playback.
demo_setspeed [default: 100]You can vary the speed of demo playback with the 'demo_setspeed' command. 'demo_setspeed x' sets the playback speed to x% of normal speed so that 'demo_setspeed 50' is half speed and 'demo_setspeed 300' gives you triple speed.
describe <variable or command name>Prints manual info about given variable or command into the console.
dev_pointfile <filename>The pointfile command will load a .pts file and give a dotted line indicating where the leak(s) are on the level.
devmap Try it in cheats mode, start a map (devmap dm6) and type fly.
disconnect This command will disconnect you from the server/demo/proxy you are currently connected to.
dns <address>Performs DNS lookups and reverse lookups.
download Manually download a quake file from the server. Example: download skins/foo.pcx
easyrecord This start recording demo and rename it like you have put with match_* settings.
echo <text>This command will print text to your local console.
edict Reports information on a given edict in the game.
edictcount Displays summary information on the edicts in the game.
edicts Displays information on all edicts in the game.
enemycolor This will override enemy color. Example: enemycolor 12 13
eval <expression>Evaluates given expression and prints the result into the console.
exec Executes a config file from \qw, \id1 or \ezquake.
f_modified All the usual dm models, sounds, palettes etc are included in the check. In Team Fortress the TF flag, dispensers and sentry guns are also checked. There is also an f_modified command which will print your f_modified response.
f_server Prints proxies you are using.
filter Message filtering system. Only team messages are filtered. Use filter with no parameters to list current filters and filter clear to remove all filters. Example: filter #a say_team i can see this message #a. say_team i can't see this message #d.
find Lists all the players on all servers. Based on QTV.
find_and_follow Find a player by name and connect to the same server. Based on QTV.
find_update Update the database of the current players on all servers. Based on QTV.
floodprot <messages> <seconds> <silence>Sets flood protection parameters.
flush This command will clear the current game cache. It is usually used by developers to flush the memory of all game information and objects to test if the mechanism which handles the loading of the necessary files into memory works properly. Sometimes the game cache can become filled with unnecessary information and may need to be flushed manually. This is usually not necessary since the game automatically flushes all the data between every map.
fly You can fly around the map with flymode on.
fontlist Lists TrueType fonts available on the system.
fontload Loads specified TrueType font for use where _proportional is set.
force_centerview This command centers the player's screen. It was created because the original "centerview" command did not work when "+mlook" was enabled. This command will center the screen in any mode no matter commands are active.
fraglogfile Enables logging of kills to a file. Useful for external frag polling programs. The file name is frag_##.log
fs_search Search the filesystem cache by suffix.
fullinfo Used by QuakeSpy and Qlist to set setinfo variables. Example: fullinfo "\quote\I am the only Lamer!\"
gamedir Specifies the directory where the QWPROGS.DAT file is found and other additional files such as maps, models, sound, and skins for Quake modifications.
gamma You can edit brightness.
give Give user a certain amount of an item. Items: 1 - Axe 2 - Shotgun 3 - Double-Barrelled Shotgun 4 - Nailgun 5 - Super Nailgun 6 - Grenade Launcher 7 - Rocket Launcher 8 - ThunderBolt C - Cells H - Health N - Nails R - Rockets S - Shells Examples: give 1234 R 99 - gives 99 rockets to user 1234 give 1234 7 - gives the rocket launcher to user 1234
gl_checkmodels Not well implemented yet. Quickly looks at the pmodel and emodel listed in every player's infokey and reports anything unusual it finds. Basically it saves you having to type "users. user x" and then comparing the models for everyone.
gl_inferno Clientside (no one else can see it) hard-striking rocket, serves well for your entertainment.
gl_setmode <modename>Quickly sets many variables to fit pre-defined scheme. Try using "newtrails" or "vultwah".
god You are immortal with god mode on.
heartbeat Forces a heartbeat to be sent to the master server. A heartbeat informs the master server of the server's IP address thus making sure that the master server knows that the server is still alive.
help Enters manual pages. Use arrows, [Page Down], [Page Up], [Tab] and [Enter] for navigation.
HUD262_add <hud_name> <type> <param>Creates or changes a HUD element with hud_name. The following types of HUD elements are available: cvar - a value of a variable is displayed; in this case param must be a name of this variable. str - a string defined by param is displayed Cvar and %macros expansion is performed every time element is shown.
HUD262_alpha <name> <value>Sets a transparency for strings-HUD element.
HUD262_bg <hud_name> <bg_color>Defines a color of the HUD element background. 0 - transparent (default).
HUD262_blink <name> <period> <mask>Allows to make blinking strings-HUD elements.
HUD262_bringtofront <name>Transfers all HUD elements created after hud_name element (including) to the end of drawing list, that in short means that they will be displayed above all other elements which could be present on that place already.
HUD262_disable <hud_name> [hud_name2...]Prohibits to display one or more HUD elements.
HUD262_enable <hud_name> [hud_name2...]Allows to display one or more HUD elements.
HUD262_list [regexp]Prints a list of strings-HUD elements.
HUD262_move <hud_name> <dx> <dy>Moves a HUD element. dx and dy deviations are measured in symbols.
HUD262_position <hud_name> <pos> <x> <y>Indicates position of a HUD element on the screen.
HUD262_remove <hud_name>Kills a HUD element.
HUD262_width <hud_name> <width>Forces a HUD element width and cuts undesired space or adds it when needed.
hud_editor Toggles the HUD editor on or off.
hud_export <filename>Saves setup of your HUD (scr_newHUD 1) into a separate .cfg file.
hud_recalculate Refresh the positions of your HUD elements.
if <expr1> <operator> <expr2> <cmd1> [else <cmd1>]Condition clause.
if_exists <type> <name> <cmd1> [<cmd2>]If an object <name> of a type <type> exists, a command <cmd1> will be issued, or a command <cmd2> if such object could not be found. The type of the object can be either cvar, alias, trigger or HUD.
ignore <name|userid>You can give ignore either a player's name (name completion is useful for this) or a user ID (ignore <name|userid>). Ignore without any command line parameters displays your ignore list.
ignore_id <userid>Identical to ignore, except it only accepts user IDs (only useful if there is a player whose name is the user ID of someone you want to ignore).
ignore_team Ignores a team instead of players. Example: ignore_team nine - ignores whole clan nine.
ignorelist Prints ignore list.
impulse This command calls a game function or QuakeC function. Often impulses are used by the mod by defining aliases for game functions like "ready" and "break" that call certain impulses.
in_evdevlist Prints list of evdev devices. If the list is empty, you probably don't have access rights to /dev/input/eventX sudo chmod 644 /dev/input/event* should help you.
inc Increments a variable by one or adds to it the optional second argument. There are no 'add' or 'dec' commands because 'inc' can handle both addition and subtraction. Example: inc sensitivity -2 - subtracts 2 from sensitivity.
itemsclock HUD element displaying items that will spawn soon in the game. Works only in MVD and QTV playback.
join <address>Joins a specified server as player. If no address is specified, join will reconnect to the last visited server as a player. Example: join
joyadvancedupdate This command must be run to apply changes made to the joyadvaxis[xyzruv] or joyindex cvars.
keycode [ext] <scancode> <key> [<shiftmap>] [<altgrmap>]This command enables the setting of a new keymapping.
keymap_init This resets the current keymapping and then generates a copy of the internal defaults (US keyboard) to be the new keymappings. This can be used as a base to generate a new keymapping file. It has the same (unchangeable) mapping as the example keymap file "default.kmap"
keymap_list This command prints all the current keymappings to the quake console.
keymap_load keymap_load [layoutname] <filename>This command first resets the current keymappings and then loads a new mapping from the given file.
keymap_reset This command switches off the current keymappings and sets it back to the internal defaults; it also restores "keymap_name" to its default name "Default". The defaults are an internally defined (and not changeable) keymapping for US keyboards.
keymap_save [layoutname] <filename>With this command the active keymappings will be written to a .kmap file (including a descriptive header which explains the usage).
keymaplist This command prints all the current keymappings to the quake console.
kick <userid>Removes a user from the server. Use the status command to receive the user's id. Example: kick 1234
kill Suicide. (-2 frags on ktpro/kteam servers)
legacyquake [ver]Command that turns off new features added to the client that may confuse experienced users who don't like new features :-)
listip Prints out the current list of IPs on the server list. Not to be confused with the status command which prints out the list of the IPs of the connected players.
load <filename>Load 123 loads saved game 123.
loadcharset You can change your console font from within ezQuake. Put all your charset images in qw/textures/charsets/*.png (and *.tga) and use /loadcharset XXX to load XXX.png (or tga). "/loadcharset original" will restore the 8bit font in your gfx.wad (this is default).
loadfragfile <filename>Loads the specified fragfile.
loadloc <filename>Loads a loc file (must be located in id1/locs, qw/locs, or ezquake/locs. The ".loc" extension is optional, for example, "loadloc dm6"; if the file name has no extension, use its explicit name ("loadloc dm6.").
loadsky <filename>Loads your skybox (qw\env). Example: loadsky snow
localinfo Shows or sets localinfo variables. Useful for mod programmers who need to allow the admin to change settings. This is an alternative storage space to the serverinfo space for mod variables. The variables stored in this space are not broadcast on the network. This space also has a 32-kilobyte limit which is much greater then the 512-byte limit on the serverinfo space. Special Keys: (current map) (next map) - Using this combination will allow the creation of a custom map cycle without editing code. Examples: localinfo dm2 dm4 localinfo dm4 dm6 localinfo dm6 dm2
locname Create a new location in the current spot.
log <filename>If you type "log filename" it will log console to filename.log in your gamedir. It overwrites logs without asking.
macrolist Prints a list of all available macros.
map Loads a map and starts a game. Example: map e1m1
mapgroup mapgroup [map1] [map2] ...mapgroup 2fort5r 2fort5: will make 2fort5r and 2fort5 use the 2fort5r textures, locs and etc...
match_forcestart Simulates the start of a match (so that auto recording etc is triggered). Useful if you join a ktpro server after countdown has started, or you are playing a mode that doesn't have a proper countdown (eg race mode). Most importantly this is useful for TF servers, since you can use a msg_trigger to execute match_forcestart on "MATCH BEGINS NOW".
match_format_macrolist Prints a list of the macros and their meaning for autorecording and autoscreenshots.
match_save If you are using 'match_auto_record 1' then a temp demo will be recorded to c:\quake\ezquake\temp\_!_temp_!_.qwd each time a map starts. This temp demo will be overwritten when the next match starts. If you want to keep the temp demo, use the "match_save" command. This will move the demo to the same folder and filename that easyrecord would have used.
menu_demos This command will display the demos menu.
menu_fps This command will display the fps menu.
menu_help This command will display the help menu.
menu_keys This command will display the keys menu.
menu_load This command will display the singleplayer load menu.
menu_main This command will display the main menu.
menu_mp3_control This command will display the mp3 menu.
menu_mp3_playlist This command will display the mp3 playlist menu.
menu_multiplayer This command will display the multiplayer menu.
menu_options This command will display the options menu.
menu_quit This command will display the quit menu.
menu_save This command will display the singleplayer save menu.
menu_setup This command will display the setup menu.
menu_singleplayer This command will display the singleplayer menu.
menu_slist This command will display the server browser.
menu_video This command will display the video menu.
messagemode Prompts for string to broadcast to all other players.
messagemode2 Prompts for string to broadcast to team members.
messagemodeqtvtogame Go into message mode for chatting in the QTV chat.
mp3_fadeout Like stop but fades out.
mp3_fforward Fast forward 5seconds.
mp3_loadplaylist <filename>Loads the playlist filename.m3u Example: mp3_loadplaylist top10 - loads top10.m3u.
mp3_next Next song.
mp3_pause Pause mp3.
mp3_play Play mp3.
mp3_playlist Displays playlist. Currently playing track is highlighted.
mp3_playtrack <track>Play track number #num from playlist. Example: mp3_playtrack 5 - plays track 5 from playlist.
mp3_prev Previous song.
mp3_repeat <off|on>Repeat playlist.
mp3_rewind Rewind 5seconds.
mp3_shuffle <off|on>Shuffle mp3s.
mp3_songinfo Displays song title and other info like time elapsed, total time, and whether paused, stopped or playing.
mp3_startwinamp Starts winamp if it is not running.
mp3_stop Stop mp3.
msg_trigger <alias> <string> [-l] <level>Allows you to set rules that will automatically execute actions when a certain message is sent from a server. This is very useful in Team Fortress, in deathmatch it can be used for example for auto-reporting "quad in 30" when you receive "Quad Damage is wearing out" message.
mvd_dumpstats Dumps statistics gathered from a MVD demo into a "stats.xml" file in the current working directory.
netproblem HUD element - icon displayed when network traffic is experiencing problems like lost packets, large delay, etc.
noclip You can fly and go thru objects free mode as spectator
observe <address>Connects you to a server as a spectator. If no address is specified, observe will reconnect to the last visited server as a spectator. Example: observe
observebr Connects to given server as spectator via fastest available path (ping-wise).
packet <address>Sends a packet with specified contents to the destination. Example: packet "status"
password Set the password to enter a password protected server.
path Shows what paths ezQuake is using.
pause Pauses a game.
play <filename>Plays a sound effect. Example: play misc/runekey.wav
playdemo <filename>Plays a recorded demo. Example: playdemo thresh.qwd
playvol <filename> (volume)Plays a sound at a given volume. Examples: playvol items/protect.wav .5 playvol items/protect.wav 2
profile Reports information about QuakeC stuff.
qtv <address>Connects you to internet QTV broadcasting some action, using your local proxy. Starts local QTV proxy, tells it what broadcasting proxy it should connect to and by connecting to it you'll see the action broadcasted on the IP you've specified.
qtv_reconnect Reconnect to last QTV server the client was connected to.
quit Exit - disconnects from the server and closes the client.
radar <property> <value>HUD element showing a map overview.
rcon Issue the set of commands to the server you are currently connected to or have set in rcon_address. You must know the rcon password for that specific server.
re_trigger re_trigger [rt_name [regexp]]When used w/o parameter, prints a list of all triggers. When regexp is not defined prints options set for rt_name trigger; otherwise creates or changes rt_name trigger.
re_trigger_delete re_trigger_delete rt_nameDeletes the corresponding trigger.
re_trigger_disable re_trigger_disable rt_name1 [rt_name2...]Disables activation of one or more triggers.
re_trigger_enable re_trigger_enable rt_name1 [rt_name2...]Enables activation of one or more triggers.
re_trigger_match re_trigger_match <trigger_name> <string>Allows to direct a <string> to a trigger <trigger_name>. If this string match regexp, then a corresponding alias is activated.
re_trigger_options re_trigger_options rt_name option_listChanges options for a corresponding trigger.
reconnect Reconnects to the last server/proxy.
record <filename>Records a demo. Example: record test - records test.qwd to qw folder
removeip <ip>Removes an IP address from the server IP list. Examples: removeip removeip 123.123.123
removeloc Remove the closest location (use teamsay to see which).
rotate Rotates the player by x degrees. Example: "rotate 180" - rotates your POV by 180 degrees.
save Saves a game in singleplayer. Example: save 123
saveloc <filename>Saves the current locs in memory to the specified file.
say Broadcasts a string to all other players. Example: say ezQuake rules!
say_team Broadcasts a string to teammates. Example: say_team stop boring!
sb_pingsdump Dumps a list of pairs (IP address, ping) into the console based on the current content of the Server Browser list.
sb_refresh Causes Server Browser refresh ping and status info for all servers.
sb_sourceadd <name> <source> <type>Adds new server list source.
sb_sourcemark <source-name>Marks "source-name" as selected server source list.
sb_sourcesupdate Reload server lists from all marked server sources.
sb_sourceunmarkall Unmarks all servers sources.
score_difference HUD element which displays the frag difference between you (your team) and your enemy (enemy team).
score_enemy HUD element which displays amount of frags made by all the enemies.
score_own HUD element which display your (or the person's you are observing) amount of frags.
score_position HUD element which displays your position on the frag leaders board.
screenshot [name]Saves a still picture of current screen to your hard drive.
serverinfo Reports the current server info.
serverstatus Prints the status of the ezQuake server.
set <varname> <value>Sets a variable to a given value.
set_alias_str <cvar> <alias>Assigns variable a value which contains an indicated alias.
set_bind_str <cvar> <key>Assigns variable a value which contains anything bound to an indicated key.
set_calc <cvar command cmdargs> | <cvar arg1 oper arg2>Advanced variables customization.
set_ex <cvar> <value>Assigns a new value to a variable, expansion of %macros and variables is performed even in case if a parameter is inside the dual quotation marks.
setinfo Sets information about your FuhWorld user. Used without a key it will list all of your current settings. Specifying a non-existent key and a value will create the new key.
setmaster Lists the server with up to eight masters. When a server is listed with a master, the master is aware of the server's IP address and port and it is added to the list of current server connected to a master. A heartbeat is sent to the master from the server to indicated that the server is still running and alive. Examples: setmaster setmaster
sizedown Reduces the screen size.
sizeup Increases the screen size.
skins Refreshes skin settings.
skygroup skyboxname map1 [map2] ...In basics works same as mapgroup.
snap <userid>Remote screenshot from a player. Example: snap 1234 - server requests remote screenshot from user 1234
snapall Remote screenshots from all players.
soundinfo Reports information on the sound system.
soundlist Reports a list of sounds in the cache.
spectator_password Sets spectator password to ezQuake local server.
speed Shows your current movement speed.
speed2 An alternative speed-o-meter that is drawn as a half-circle.
status Reports information on the current connected clients and the server.
stop Stops demo recording.
stopsound Stops all sounds currently being played.
sv_gamedir Displays or determines the value of the serverinfo *gamedir variable. This is the directory clients will use. Examples: gamedir tf2_5; sv_gamedir fortress gamedir ctf4_2; sv_gamedir ctf gamedir ktffa; sv_gamedir qw // FFA servers should use default *gamedir
tcl_eval <string>Execute <string> as Tcl code.
tcl_exec <filename>Execute a config as Tcl script.
tcl_proc <name> [parameters]Execute a Tcl procedure <name> with parameters <parameters>. Procedure must be defined before thru tcl_eval or tcl_exec commands.
tcpconnect <address>:<port>Connects your client to a QuakeWorld server via TCP.
teamcolor This will override team color. Example: teamcolor 12 13
teamholdbar Displays overall map control per team when watching multiview demo.
teamholdinfo Displays items possession stats per team when watching multiview demo.
tempalias Sets a temporary alias. Tempaliases will not save to your config.
timedemo <filename>This command will load and play a demo at full speed. It will then divide the total number of frames in the demo by the total time it took finish, and calculate the average frames-per-second rate. Example: timedemo demoname
timerefresh This command will perform a 360 degree turn and calculate the frames-per-second rate.
toggle You can turn off/on cvars. Example: toggle sensitivity turns off sensitivity and toggle sensitivity again turns on.
toggle_re [cvar_regexp1] [cvar_regexp2] ... [cvar_regexpN]You can turn variable values ON and OFF. Example: toggle ^gl_part.* - turns all particle effects on/off.
toggleconsole Brings the console up and down.
togglemenu Displays the menu screens.
tp_msgcoming Will send a message to your teammates telling them where you are coming from, and what your status is. Doubles as tp_lost when you are dead (because you can't be coming from somewhere if you're dead).
tp_msgenemypwr This command could be used for all cases involving players with powerup. If you, a teammate, or enemy has powerup, this bind will report it. If eyes is in your point, we assume enemy only because this is tp_ENEMYpwr, otherwise there is no way to tell if a player with ring is enemy or teammate.
tp_msggetpent Informs your teammates to get the pent. Will print enemy/team pent if you, teammate, or enemy has pent and they're in your point. Will print nothing if eyes is in point.
tp_msggetquad Informs your teammates to get the quad. Reports team/enemy quad if you, a teammate, or an enemy has quad and they are in your point. Reports nothing if eyes is in your point.
tp_msghelp Requests help at a location. Also gives your status.
tp_msglost Will send a message to your teammates telling them you died at a location. Also tells them how many enemies are there, and what weapon (if any) you dropped.
tp_msgneed Equivalent of %u (need macro). Will display what you need (health/armor/ammo).
tp_msgpoint Will report to your team item you see in your point at its location. Will report team/enemy powerup if you, a teammate, or an enemy has a powerup and are in your point.
tp_msgquaddead Reports quad is dead. Will print enemy/team powerup if you, a teammate, or an enemy have quad and are in your point.
tp_msgreplace Requests a teammate to replace you at your location.
tp_msgreport Will send a message to your teammates about your current status: health, armor, location, powerups, weapon. Doubles as tp_lost when you are dead.
tp_msgsafe Will send a message to your teammates informing them your current location is safe. Will print nothing if there is enemy in your point. Also reports your status.
tp_msgtook Informs your team of the last item you took. Saves each item in memory for 15 seconds.
tp_msgtrick Requests a trick at a location. Best for cases like dm2 when you need a teammate to help you get quad from stairs.
tp_pickup Item can be: quad, pent, ring, suit, ra, ya, ga, mh, health, lg, rl, gl, sng, ng, ssg, pack, cells, rockets, nails, shells, flag, armor, weapons, powerups, ammo, all, default, none
tp_point item1 item2 ... DO NOT USE QUOTESSpecifies which items will be used in point (%x or $point) macro. If you point at an item and such item is not listed here, your message will be tp_name_nothing (default: "nothing"). Supported items: powerups, quad, pent, ring, armor, ra, ya, ga, weapons, lg, rl, gl, sng, ng, ssg, ammo, cells, rockets, nails, shells, players, eyes, teammate, enemy, mh, health, pack, flag, all, default, none, suit Item names can be customized with tp_name_item.
tp_took item1 item2 ... DO NOT USE QUOTESSpecifies which items will be included in the took (%X or $took) macro. If you took an item and it's not listed in tp_took list, %X and $took macro will display tp_name_nothing (default: "nothing"). Supported items: quad, pent, ring, suit, ra, ya, ga, mh, health, lg, rl, gl, sng, ng, ssg, pack, cells, rockets, nails, shells, flag, armor, weapons, powerups, ammo, all, default, none Item names can be customized with tp_name_item.
track- This means when you are spectating or watching an mvd, keys will automatically be assigned to track certain players. So in a 4v4 8 keys are needed, the first 4 make you track the 4 players in the first team and the last 4 make you track the second team.
trackkiller Will switch view to the player who killed the player we are tracking at the moment.
trackteam <teamnum>When using MultiView, allows you to assign all available points of view to a desired team.
troubleshoot Performs a check on client settings and displays possible sources of issues.
unalias Example: unalias myreport - removes myreport alias.
unalias_re <cvar1> [cvar2] ...Deletes given alias(es). Example: unalias ^_zoom. - removes all aliases beginning with '_zoom', e.g. _zoom_in, _zoom_out
unaliasall Removes all aliases.
unbind Example: unbind x delete strings on x button.
unbindall Removes all keyboard bindings.
unignore <name|userid>Removes name or user ID number from ignore list.
unignoreAll Removes all users from ignore list.
unignoreAll_team Removes all ignored teams from ignore list.
unignore_id <userid>Removes userid from ignore list.
unignore_team Removes team from ignore list.
unset <cvar1> [cvar2] ...Removes user-created variable.
unset_re <cvar1|regex1> [cvar2|regex2] ...Removes user-created variable.
user <userid>This command queries the user for his setinfo information.
userdir [dir [type]]A userdir command can be used for addition of directories to the list searched for files by the client (configs, sounds, models, etc.). Real handy when several players with their own configs files play Quake on a single computer. When issuing this command after reconnection to a server or parameter is not defined, a current userdir is printed in the console.
userinfo Prints your user settings.
users Reports information on connected players and retrieve user IDs.
v_cshift <red> <green> <blue> <intensity>This adjusts all of the colors currently being displayed. Used when you are underwater, hit, have the Ring of Shadows, or Quad Damage. Example: v_cshift 16 32 64
validate_clients This shows authed ezQuake users, non-authed and non-ezQuake users.
version Prints client version number and date into the console.
vid_forcemode This command will force ezQuake to use a certain video mode.
vid_fullscreen This command will switch to a fullscreen video mode specified in the "vid_fullscreen_mode" variable.
vid_gfxinfo This command will print out useful information about your video card, GL version, and refresh rate, video mode (width/height resolution and color depth) to console. Useful to make sure everything is right, and also to screenshot to show other people.
vid_minimize This command will minimize the windowed game screen. It was made available because the game takes control over the mouse when it is moved onto the game window thus prohibiting the normal minimization of the game window.
vid_modelist Prints all supported video modes.
vid_restart Will restart your video renderer. Needed for some changes to take affect.
vid_testmode This command will switch to the specified video mode for 5-seconds in order to test it.
vid_windowed This command will switch the a windowed video mode specified in the "vid_windowed_mode" variable.
viewalias Example: viewalias mystatus - prints mystatus alias.
wait Adds one wait frame.
weapon <w1> [<w2> [...]]Weapon selection command. Will select the best available weapon according to the sequence you choose.
windows Switches away from client and back to the Windows OS.
writeip Records all IP addresses on the server IP list. The file name is listip.cfg.
clipboard Copies all the following arguments to the system clipboard