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Command Line Parameters

Use command line parameters to start ezQuake with specific settings.

ezquake-gl.exe -ruleset smackdown -conwidth 640

In addition, you can apply commands at startup by prefixing them with +set:

ezquake-gl.exe +set s_khz 44 +set enemyskin enemy


-allowmultiple On Windows, launch multiple copies of ezQuake rather than re-using the existing instance
systems: windows
-basedir <path>The "base" directory is the path to the directory holding the quake.exe and all game directories. This can be overridden with the "-basedir" command line parm to allow code debugging in a different directory.
-bpp <integer>Allows setting of 'r_colorbits' cvar during start-up
-cddev <path>On Linux, specifies the cd device to use. Must specify -cdaudio for this to have effect
systems: linux
-cheats enable cheats on local server (/noclip etc)
-conbufsize <size-in-kb>set size of console buffer
-condebug log all console output to qw/qconsole.log
-conheight set vid_conheight during startup
-conwidth set vid_conwidth during startup
-democache <size-in-kb>create memory buffer during startup, used instead of writing directly to disk when recording demos
-detailtrails sets /gl_particle_fulldetail 1 during startup
-gl-debug enables OpenGL debug output. Must be used in conjunction with -dev
-no-accel-visuals Requests un-accelerated graphics (used in debugging to create OpenGL 1.1 context)