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Frag Tracker ‚Äč

The tracker allows you to view brief info about 'hot' fragging action going on in game, for example Foobar is on killing spree, 10 frags in a row!

You can also move frag messages out of usual notification area (and console) and view them in a more friendly readable way in a different place.

To enable it you have to have fragfile.dat in your ezquake/ or qw/ directory and have following variables set (type them into the console or into your qw config):

/cl_parsefrags 1
/cl_loadfragfiles 1
/r_tracker_frags 2

The text resolution setting, /con_width must be set to at least 512.

/r_tracker_frags values.

  • 0 (off) - Disable both streaks and custom frag messages
  • 1 (default) - Enable brief frag info (who is on killing spree).
  • 2 (custom frags) - Enable both brief frag info and custom frag messages.

You can turn off standard frag messages in console with:

  • /con_fragmessages 0 - Only display frag messages in the tracker, remove from console/nofify
  • /con_fragmessages 1 - Display frag messages in the tracker and also in console/notify
  • /con_fragmessages 2 - Display frag messages in the tracker and console, but remove from notify area

Other customization can be done with these variables.

  • /r_tracker_messages - Changes total ammount of messages drawn in the extra window
  • /r_tracker_scale - Sets the font size for the messages
  • /r_tracker_align_right - Controls the alignment of the window
  • /r_tracker_x, /r_tracker_y - Sets the placement of the extra frag messages window
  • /r_tracker_frame_color - Sets the background color in "R G B A" (red, green, blue, alpha) format.
  • /r_tracker_time - How long each message will stay on the screen before disappearing
  • /r_tracker_streaks - Controls if killing sprees should be displayed
  • /r_tracker_flags - Controls if actions related to the Capture The Flag mod should be displayed

The gender in killing spree messages will depend on the /gender cvar set by the player (this also requires server support)