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Input Settings ‚Äč

Input - Keyboard


enum default: 2
Controls the complexity of movement scripts allowed in your client (e.g. rocket jump scripts). Other players can check your setting with 'f_scripts'.
  • 0: Same as 1, but also block fast +lookdown/+lookup, so even simple rjump will be impossible. Blocks KTPro /kfjump and /krjump aliases.
  • 1: Allow only simple scripts - it will block left/right turning, so fjump (for example) will be impossible, but normal rjump (+lookdown;+attack;+jump) will be possible. Blocks KTPro alias /kfjump too.
  • 2: Allow scripts (default).
If anyone said 'f_scripts' since the last map change, your client will also auto-report any change of allow_scripts. Command line switches -norjscripts or -noscripts set allow_scripts to 0. May not be changed during a match in some rulesets.


float default: 1.5
This variable sets multiplier by which your "cl_yawspeed" (how fast you turn) is multiplied when running (+speed).


float default: 400
This allows you to set your backward speed. Obviously this is also limited by the server, usually to "320".
Sign of the value is ignored.


float default: 400
This allows you to set your forward speed. Obviously this is also limited by the server, usually to "320".
Sign of the value is ignored.


boolean default: 0
Emulates "strafe script". When turned on, you will always change direction instead of stopping when holding opposing movement keys +moveleft and +moveright, or +forward and +back.
  • false: Pressing keys for both directions will stop movement on that axis.
  • true: Auto-releases one of the keys when both directions are pressed.
Reported in your f_ruleset reply with the '+i' flag. Can not be changed during a match.


enum default: 1
  • 0: QW compatibility: all keypad keys treated as though equivalent button pushed, eg KP_8 acts like uparrow would.
  • 1: You will be able to bind all numpad keys independently of standard keys. Use kp_enter, kp_8 etc to differentiate from standard keys.
  • 2: As 'cl_keypad 0' in game, 'cl_keypad 1' when in menus/console etc.


float default: 2.0
This variable is the multiplier for how fast you move when running (+speed) in relation to when walking (-speed).
Sign of the value is ignored.


float default: 150
This variable determines how fast you you turn up/down when using "+lookup" and "+lookdown".


float default: 400
This allows you to set your strafe speed. Obviously this is also limited by the server, usually to "320".
Sign of the value is ignored.


boolean default: 1
  • false: Off.
  • true: Will convert +jump commands to +moveup commands when in liquid (water, lava, slime) and in spectator mode.


float default: 400
This allows you to set the speed with which you move up and down in liquids or in spectator mode. Obviously this is also limited by the server, usually to 320*0.7 = 224 when being in liquid and to 500 in spectator mode.
Sign of the value is ignored.


boolean default: 0
  • 0: weapon/impulse command sets best weapon order, will select best weapon as ammo or weapon obtained
  • 1: weapon/impulse command picks best weapon at the time of command, with fallback to axe or sg (see /cl_weaponhide_axe)


enum default: 0
On -attack will cause your weapon to be automatically switched back to the shotgun or axe.
  • 0: Weapon will not be automatically hidden
  • 1: After you fire your weapon, it will get switched to shotgun or axe
  • 2: Like option 1, but only for deathmatch mode 1.
This is used in majority of teamplay games. If you don't have ammo for shotgun the axe gets selected.


boolean default: 0
Determines if axe should be used as "dummy" weapon when using automated weapon hiding (cl_weaponhide).
  • false: Use shotgun as dummy weapon
  • true: Use axe as dummy weapon
See cl_weaponhide and cl_weaponpreselect.


enum default: 0
When using the weapon command, this variable allows weapon preselection instead of standard immediate weapon selection. Preselection means that the preselected weapon will be switch right before +attack command, that is right before you shoot from your weapon.
  • 0: Immediate weapon selection
  • 1: Weapon preselection
  • 2: Weapon preselection when not holding +attack. When holding +attack, select weapon immediately.
  • 3: Like option 1, but only for deathmatch mode 1, otherwise like 0.
  • 4: Like option 2, but only for deathmatch mode 1, otherwise like 0.
Usefull in most teamplay games where you don't want to carry your best weapon in your hands but want to be ready to instantly shoot from it. Note: Doesn't work for impulse command, you have to use new weapon command.


float default: 140
This variable defines how quickly you turn left (+left) or right (+right).


boolean default: 0
Allows you to use old Quake keyboard mapping.
  • false: Use your operating system keyboard layout
  • true: Use Quake keyboard layout


boolean default: 1
If set, grabs keyboard hotkeys. May need to be enabled/disabled depending on your window manager.

Input - Misc


boolean default: 1
  • false: Both -mlook and freelook 0 must be specified to disable free look mode.
  • true: Enables free look mode, that is, moving the mouse forward and back moves your view
direction up or down.


boolean default: 0
This variable toggles the centering of the screen after the -klook command.
  • false: Disable automatic force_centerview.
  • true: Enable automatic force_centerview.


float default: 0
This variable toggles the automatic strafing when the +klook command is used. When set to "1" and the player used the +klook command, the keys that are bound to the +left and +right commands will now act as if they were bound to +moveleft and +moveright. This command was put it in order to allow keyboard player to combine the +strafe and +klook commands into one. This command also has effect on the mouse controls. When set to "1" moving the mouse left and right will make the player move left and right instead of making him turn left and right.


float default: 12
This variable sets the sensitivity of the mouse, it is one of the most important variables in the whole game.

Input - Mouse


boolean default: 1
If set, will grab mouse input when not fullscreen.


enum default: 1
Ignores operating-system interpretation of keypresses while deadkey is held down
  • 0: Disabled
  • 1: Enabled when option keys are held down
  • 2: Enabled when alt keys are held down (for standard keyboard on MacOS)


boolean default: 1
If set, will ignore events from touch inputs (events from a real mouse should be unaffected)


boolean default: 0
If set, will ignore keyboard events received immediately after regaining focus. Should stop shortcut keys from firing in-game.
X11 systems only.


boolean default: 1
Whether or not ezQuake will use raw input to sample mouse events.
  • false: Disabled, correlates to /in_mouse 1 in ezQuake 2.2
  • true: Enabled, correlates to /in_mouse 3 in ezQuake 2.2
It is recommended to leave this set.


enum default: 2
Controls under which mode(s) the cursor will be released back to the operating system when not fullscreen.
  • 0: Never release mouse cursor
  • 1: Release when playing (demo playback only)
  • 2: Release when console is down
  • 4: Release when using /messagemode
  • 8: Release when menu on-screen
  • 16: Release when using hud editor
  • 32: Release when using demo controls
To specify more than one mode, add the values together. To always release the cursor, set in_grab_windowed_mouse 0.


float default: 0
Values >0 will amplify mouse movement proportional to velocity. Small values have great effect. A lot of good Quake Live players use around the 0.1-0.2 mark, but this depends on your mouse CPI and polling rate.


float default: 0
Acceleration will not be active until the mouse movement exceeds this speed (counts per millisecond). Negative values are supported, which has the effect of causing higher rates of acceleration to happen at lower velocities.


float default: 2
Values 1 or below are dumb. 2 is linear and the default. Above 2 begins to amplify exponentially and you will get more acceleration at higher velocities. Great if you want low accel for slow movements, and high accel for fast movements. Good in combination with a sensitivity cap (m_accel_senscap)


float default: 0
Sets an upper limit on the amplified mouse movement. Great for tuning acceleration around lower velocities while still remaining in control of fast motion such as flicking.


float default: 0
This variable toggles mouse input filtering. When set to "1", the values which are received from the mouse's input will first be averaged together and then that value will be used in the game. The reason for this command is that some mice had problems with sending sporadic coordinates which make the input from the mouse jerky, also when using a serial or PS/2 mouse, the Windows operating system will only sample mouse input every 25ms, that is 40 times a second (for USB mice the sample rate is 125 Hz, that is every 8 ms). When set to "1" this variable will smooth out the input but it will cause latency between the movement of the mouse and the actual response in the game. When using a PS/2 mouse it is thus first recommended to try to increase the sampling rate either by changing it via your mouse driver or by using the ps2rate program which can be downloaded at ps2rate homepage. If you are playing the game at frame rates above 40 FPS and if you can't increase the sampling rate of your PS/2 rate or if you are playing with a serial mouse it is recommended that you enable this toggle.


float default: 1
This variable controls how fast the player should move forward and back when the mouse is moved forward and back. This command has no effect if the +mlook command is in effect because when the mouse is moved forward and back the player looks up and down instead of moving forward and back. Some players might want to set this variable to "0" if they happen not to use +mlook constantly and they only want to use the mouse to turn the player. Setting this variable to "0" will prevent the inadvertent movement of the player forward and back while trying to make precise turns with the mouse.


float default: 0.022
This variable sets the level of precision when the mouse is used to make the player look up and down while the +mlook command is in effect. By default this variable is set in such a way that moving the mouse forward makes the player look up and moving the mouse backward makes the player look down. Some people prefer to have this movement inverted just like it is inverted for airplane controls. If you wish to use this inverted mouse movement then you should set this variable to a negative value (for example "-0.022"). It is a matter of preference which movement method is used by players. Also lowering the value for this variable will increase the level of precision when the mouse is used to make the player look up and down. This variable can be used separately from the sensitivity variable to provide greater control over the mouse sensitivity for movement along the pitch. It is advisable to keep the value for this variable constant at 0.022 or -0.022 and instead use the sensitivity variable to change the overall sensitivity of the mouse. Also, some script writers lower the value for this variable along with a lowered value for the fov variable in order to provide more precision when the fov variable is used to zoom.


float default: 0.8
When the +strafe command is active or when "lookspring" is set to "1" this variable is used to control the sensitivity when the mouse is moved left and right to make the player move left and right.


float default: 0.022
This variable controls how fast the player turns left and right when the mouse is moved left and right. It is recommended that this variable be left alone and instead the "sensitivity" variable is used to change the level of precision. If you set this variable to a negative value you will reverse the mouse movement. Some script writers use this variable to increase the level of precision when the "fov" variable is used to zoom the screen.