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Set crosshair using /crosshair x, where x is beteeen 0 and 6 (default 4).

0: Off (no crosshair)
1: Conchar crosshair - the plus sign (+) from current charset
2: Quakeworld crosshair
3: A small cross
4: A dot
5: Star wars crosshair
6: F22 simulator crosshair


Set crosshair color using /crosshaircolor r g b where r,g,b are values between 0 and 255.

Example: set crosshair color to red using /crosshaircolor 255 0 0


Set the size of the crosshair using /crosshairsize x.

You can use crosshairsize x where x is any number between 0.2 and 8. Note however that some values will distort the crosshair in GL. This is because of conwidth and width (conheight and height) being different. Change crosshairsize slowly (by 0.05 at a time say) to find a 'sweet spot'. You get best performance when width (height) is an integral multiple of conwidth (conheight).

The crosshair size is independent of conwidth and conheight. If you wish to use large crosshairs (e.g. using crosshairsize 10) then it's best to use a high resolution crosshair PNG image rather than using the 8x8 builtin crosshairs.


/crosshairalpha x where x is 0..1 will determine the level of transparency of your crosshair.


The crosshair is positioned in the center of the screen by default. Use cl_crossx and cl_crossy to adjust the crosshair relative to the screen center.

Example: offset crosshair by 10 pixels on the x-axis.

cl_crossx 10

Crosshair Images

You can use a PNG/TGA/PCX image as a crosshair. PNG transparency is supported.

Enable crosshair image

  1. Place the image in /qw/crosshairs/
  2. Load it using /crosshairimage <file name>, example /crosshairimage dot.png.

Disable crosshair image

/crosshairimage ""

Note: the variables /crosshairsize, /crosshairalpha and /crosshaircolor applies to crosshair images.

Making Crosshair Images

The image should be square and preferabely have width and height being a power of 2. 64x64 is a good example.


The client centres the 64x64 crosshair so that the (32,32) pixel is centred on screen. In otherwords (32,32) is treated as the centre.

If you have a crosshair image of width = height = 2^n with top left coordinate (1,1) and top right coordinate (2^n, 2^n) then the centre of the crosshair should be positioned over pixel (2^(n-1), 2^(n-1)).

Custom symbol

crosshair 1 uses the plus symbol from your charset. Like all characters in your charset, the plus symbol is an 8x8 image in your charset. If you change this image, crosshair 1 will change.

You can change what crosshair 1 looks like without editing your charset by creating a file called crosshair.txt in /ezquake/crosshairs/crosshair.txt.

The format of crosshair.txt is:



X (or x)     draw a pixel
O (or o)     dont draw a pixel


See the crosshairs settings reference for all crosshair settings.